Corus is a simple and streamlined process. Company data is analysed along with subjective surveying of staff using our ML algorithm. The reporting dashboard displays results, providing unprecedented insight into impact and return.

To reduce tech burden, there is no employee front end, with surveying taking place through existing channels.

Corus offers services to wellbeing providers:

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    Help your clients to understand the current shape of wellbeing within their organisation. Create a baseline against which you can compare future outcomes. Contextualise results by comparing to national averages.
    Diagram   corus analytics screens for figma(1)
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    With our advanced tracking capabilities you can measure the long-term impact of your wellbeing services, and provide your clients with ongoing data-driven insights into the demonstrable outcomes.
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    Partner with our team of industry experts to optimise your wellbeing analysis. We can work with you to enhance measurement approaches, refine specific questions, analyse existing impact data, and effectively communicate impact to your clients in impactful ways that promote positive action.