Wellbeing accounting and impact consultancy for the wellbeing industry.

Corus is an AI-powered analytics framework for measuring and reporting on wellbeing, providing real time insights on the impact and ROI of your services.

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The world of work is driven by data, with decisions made on a cost vs benefit basis. Apart from wellbeing.

Corus is built on science, an academically validated assessment tool, that brings consistency and standardisation to the measurement and reporting of wellbeing impact.

Corus helps you to increase the LTV of your clients, increase engagement, and support your business case by communicating your true value in the language of the CFO.

  • ROI
    Shows how wellbeing investments can provide financial returns many times that of the initial outlay.
  • Data
    Inform the strategy of your clients, with meaningful impact data from their wellbeing investments.
  • ESG
    Support your clients to communicate their commitment to embedding human sustainability at the heart of their organisation.

Key features:

  • 1

    Discipline agnostic

    The Corus analysis framework is configured to work with all kinds of mental health or wellbeing intervention: platforms, providers, solutions, programmes or initiatives.
  • 2

    Credibility and impartiality

    Corus provides third party analytics, not wellbeing services or solutions. This means you and your clients can trust us to be both credible and impartial.
  • 3

    Streamlined API integration

    Corus is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing ecosystem and infrastructure. We are focused on reducing the barriers to participation and uptake to unlock impact and value.
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    We help you and your clients to make sense of your data. By working across the industry we are able to provide benchmarking to contextualise your outcomes.

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