Wellbeing accounting for enlightened employers.

AI-powered data driven insights that show you the impact and return of your wellbeing investments.

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  • ROI
    Linking wellbeing activity to economic outcomes
  • Culture
    Put wellbeing and people at the centre of your organisation
  • People
    Demonstrate your propgressive approach, and attract and retain talent
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Our Mission

To empower organisations to make strategic wellbeing decisions based on evidence, not just gut feelings, putting people and community at the heart of organisations.
George Bell, Co-founder

Just 1% of directors use organisational data to evaluate the ROI of their wellbeing spend. (IIRSM/Deloitte 2022)

You wouldn’t spend thousands on marketing withthout looking to the data to ensure success. 

Wellbeing shouldn’t be any different.

Corus analytics impact

Use Cases

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    Actionable wellbeing data insights

    Gain real-time insights into all of your programmes, visualising your wellbeing strategy. Science-backed ROI demonstrates an economic case for greater investment.
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    Strengthen your business case

    Measure your engagement and impact, report to your clients and communicating benefits to your wider stakeholders.
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    For C-Suite

    Lead by example

    Future-proof your business and get ahead of the competition. Communicate your industry leading approach to employee mental health and commitment to ESG.
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    Deliver more insight

    Let Corus carry out time consuming data collation and analysis on your behalf. Dive deeper into your clients and unlock new business opportunities.

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