Corus is an analytics framework that measures and reports on wellbeing impact, empowering providers of wellbeing services, and their clients, to make human optimised decisions. This leads to happier healthier employees, and a measurably improved return on investment.
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Our mission is to support human sustainability by promoting the collective long term wellbeing of workers, organisations, and society.
By enabling organisations to trial and validate their wellbeing investments, it promotes a human centred approach to business growth. Corus enables leaders to make well informed wellbeing decisions based on in-depth understanding, not guesswork. As an integrated B2B SaaS tool, Corus is also discipline agnostic, applicable to any and all types of wellbeing intervention or programme.

Corus Team

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    Greg Staw
    Product and Operations
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    George Bell
    Business Development
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    Dr Charlie Harrison
    Lead Data Scientist